Our Services

Floor planning

We provide a customized floor plan of your new home so that you can see how your furniture will fit into your new home. In many instances, we will provide more than one version of the plan.

Our floor plans are interactive. To create your floor plan, we will bring a magnetized set of pieces so we can move your “furniture pieces” around and illustrate various ways your furniture can be placed.


Your floor and space plan makes sorting much easier. Our sorters will help you sort “through your home” and will guide you in decision-making about what items can fit into your closets and cupboards. We will recommend space-saving devices so to help you actually gain additional space if you need it. We will also make arrangements for the items you are leaving behind – possibly through charitable donation or a “tag” or estate sale. We can also facilitate the removal of items needing to be hauled away.

Transfer of Utilities

On sort day, if you require assistance changing your utilities, our sorter will help make these changes as well. Whether it is telephone, cable for TV, change of address cards, we are experienced in making these changes for you in an efficient manner.

Charity Packing/Securing of Junk Hauling, etc.

If you don’t have enough items remaining to host a tag or estate sale, we can pack your charitable items and arrange for pick-up. For items not accepted by charity, we will schedule a pick-up time with a junk-hauling company.

Securing Movers

Once you select your furniture and we complete the sorting process, we will schedule moving companies to provide you with an estimate. They will come to your home for this estimate and we will walk the moving company representative through your home if you request us to do so. They will provide you with an estimated cost of packing and moving your items to your new home. Once this process is complete, we can review their services with you and help you select the mover that best suits your needs.

Oversight of packers

More than likely, the moving company will send their own packers to pack remaining items on the day before the move. Our Move Coordinator will be present to oversee this packing, ensuring everything you want to move gets packed. We will also make sure items being left behind are not packed.

Unpacking & settling in services

Sometimes we will begin the unpacking process on move day. However, if your move is a large move, we may not be able to complete the unpacking on the same day. Our experienced team will unpack and organize all of your belongings. We remove all boxes and paper and will leave your home “move-in ready!”

Additional services

During the move process, our Customers often decide to purchase additional services from us for which they did not originally contract. That’s OK! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you find you need further assistance with a different aspect of your move. We’re here to help!

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