About KRB

Moving her parents from a large home in suburban Chicago to a two- bedroom independent senior living community in 2006 was Kathy Blair’s first taste of her call to move management. It was an emotional, arduous task and yet so gratifying to see her parents living with less clutter, in a safe environment and among new friends they grew to love. Working with family to move in-laws followed. When she and her husband of 29 years made the decision to move to Florida’s beautiful Suncoast in 2016, it required clean-out of their family home of 24 years and the exhilaration and freedom that comes with lightening up personal belongings and focusing on what matters most. Seeing many who are paralyzed by the thought of packing up to move and blessed by good health, energy, and a passion to serve, Kathy Blair founded KRB Move Management.

Former university faculty member and nonprofit executive director, Kathy Blair (MS, MBA) is a servant leader committed to Customer service. These core values of KRB Move Management will be paramount in the service you will receive while working with Kathy and her amazing team.

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